Risk Management

Fully compliant with current regulations & legislation

You can rest assured that all Di Prima services are fully compliant with relevant qualifications and certifications for all work we provide.

Qualified and Trained Staff Members
All our staff is accredited with appropriate induction and comprehensive training to meet current regulations and legislation.

Safe and Healthy Work Environment
Di Prima is committed to providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment for all our staff and employees, adhering to Occupational Health & Safety Legislation

Our workplace policies and procedures include:

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
a) Providing and maintaining safe plant systems of work
b) Arranging safe systems of work in connection with plant and substances:
c) Providing a safe working environment:  
d) Providing necessary facilities to protect the welfare of all employees;  
e) Providing up-date information on hazards, instruction, training and supervision for all employees enabling them to work in a safe and healthy manner.  
f) Involving employees in the management of occupational health and safety.

OHS Rehabilitation / Return to Work Policy
Di Prima Maintenance recognises and accepts its obligation for the prevention of work related injury or illness and then to assist employees to return to pre-injury duties as soon as is practicable.

Staff Management Policy
DiPrima director's recognise that the most effective method to gain employee co-operation and enthusiasm is to maintain a close personal relationship with staff, particularly with area and building managers, an attitude which is then reflected in their relationship with their subordinates.

Employees are encouraged to participate in the development of the policies under which they work. By soliciting employee suggestions as to the types of procedures they fell are needed and the work practices used, we have taken an important step in gaining increased job satisfaction and productivity for all our staff.

Recruiting Policy
Affirmative action requires that all elements of the hiring process, including recruiting, be unbiased and provide equal opportunities to all candidates. The Company subscribes to this policy.

General Statement: Workplace Conduct
Di Prima Maintenance Services recognises the importance of maintaining a cohesive and efficient work force in each of our work locations. To this end,
we have a strict set of rules for workplace conduct in place that governs all our staff and employees.

Sexual Harassment Policy
Di Prima Maintenance Services is committed to providing an environment which is free from sexual harassment. Di Prima Maintenance Services is bound by law to ensure that employees are not subjected to sexual harassment.

Purchasing Policy Guidelines
Di Prima Maintenance Service’s Purchasing Officer establishes the purchasing policy and procedures and is responsible for the management of all Company purchasing programs. All Company personnel engaged in the procurement process are expected to comply with these objectives.

After Hours Access to Key Personnel
Di Prima Maintenance Services provides all clients with contact details of Key Management Staff for after hours access.

Business References
Di Prima Maintenance Services can provide prospective clients with a list of our business references.

Client References
Di Prima Maintenance Services can provide prospective clients with a list of our client references.

Di Prima Maintenance Services is extensively covered with adequate Insurance and workers compensation and can provide prospective clients with a list of our client references.

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• Commercial Cleaning
• Industrial Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Disaster Cleaning (Flood & Fire)
• Car Park Cleaning & Management
• Supply of Toilet & Cleaning Consumables
• High Pressure Washing
• Steam Cleaning
• Floor Stripping & Sealing
• Window Cleaning (Internal & External)
• Consultancy Services
• Roof & Gutter Services
• Graffiti Removal
Di Prima Maintenance
• Property Maintenance
• Grounds & Garden Maintenance
• Painting
• Building Repairs
• De-fits
• Pest Control
• Line Marking
• Re-instate
• Furniture Removal & Assembly
• Disaster Recovery
• General Carpentry
• Roof & Gutter Repairs
• General Plumbing & Electrical
Di Prima Rubbish Removal
• Hard Rubbish Removal 
• Garden Waste
• Construction Waste
• Commercial waste
• Deceased estate
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• Weeding
• Pruning
• Slashing
• Landscaping
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